Libby Lawrence

Frank was fabulous to have as part of my new life when I moved to Boca Raton six years ago. I was “on my own” and he told me what to do and how to do it when setting up my computer.Thru out these past years he was always available when I called –my problems and looking at my computer weren’t major but at the time –for me- they were! It’s been wonderful to have him moving round the inside of my computer while I watched and marveled!!!!!! Thank you Frank and Live Tech!!!!!!!!

Libby Lawrence

Ellen R.

Live-Tech’s online chat is a wonderful resource for a new buyer. The IT staffer was so well informed that he addressed my concerns about new software and update installations. When the activation process developed a hiccup, an IT staffer quickly resolved the issue. I feel very confident about doing business with Live-Tech.

Ellen R.
Alexander Works

Kenneth B. King

My computer had lots of issues which were handled in a professional manner by Live-Tech. They helped me realize that I had been scammed by probably a hacker who was slick enough to scam even me and others as well. After Live-Tech cleaned up the mess that the scammers did on my computer …I was well pleased with their expertise and knowledge. Thanks for the patience and understanding of the problem that was going on and how well Live-Tech fixed us up.

Many thanks again!

Kenneth B. King

Paola V. – The Meadows Condominium Association

My experience so far with Live-Tech has been excellent! We think their prices are quite affordable, and their service was very thorough. Live-Tech not only helped us fix the problems we had, but also made it a point to go through everything, clean everything out, and make sure that everything was running to its best capacity. Frank is fantastic! We are very satisfied with Live-Tech. Thanks!

Paola V.
The Meadows Condominium Association

Leonard C

I found Live-Tech by accident while browsing Google to find help removing malware off my laptop and am I glad I found them. The live phone support is great, they actually speak English and they don’t just service you remotely but they are available by phone. Knowing that they are US based IT-service is also a fresh of breath air!!!!

It took about 40 minutes to clean my laptop and get rid of all the malware, spyware and whatever else was on my laptop. I especially appreciated that they stayed with me on the phone while they controled my laptop to fix the bugs. I used other live-support services in the past over the internet and this is by far the best phone/internet support I’ve received. I highly recommend these guys and will definitely call Live-Tech again in the future.

Leonard C

Tony Cripps – Jacksonville Jetport, LLC

Live-Tech has the main thing going that a provider should offer and that is 24×7 support. When your business phones are down and not working, you need that fixed ASAP and not a voice mailbox where we will call you during normal business hours. We went down over a Saturday and Live-Tech worked with us and got it all back up & fully working!! Thanks Live-Tech.

Tony Cripps

George Herbert

My experience with Live-Tech went so smoothly… I was grateful for the amount of time and patience they spent with me to cleanse my system and get it back to be as efficient as new.

George Herbert

Ryker Lowe – Jasper Jeep Dodge Chrysler Ram

Jeremy has been a tremendous help to us. He is very patient and professional. I would not hesitate to recommend him and Live-Tech to anyone. Jeremy does a great job. We are thankful for their service.

Ryker Lowe

Rasesh Vora – Vora Tax Services

Live-Tech Support did fantastic work in helping me clean my machines infected with viruses and also helped me on network mapping. They are one stop shop for all computer needs. Their knowledge, inclination and efforts to resolve any business application problem (Tax, accounting, including Quick Books, MS office and host of other applications) is great !. The best thing is, they are cordial, professional and available late evening and weekends as well. I strongly recommend them for total system solution.

Rasesh Vora
Vora Tax Services

Jerry A Foster

This was my first experience with Live Tech and I was absolutely amazed with their excellent performance! I had a really nasty virus and other computer issues. Frank worked with me for a long period of time to resolve my issues. I have worked with other Techs previously, but none were as dedicated an competent as Frank. These guys don’t stop until the issues are resolved. I recommend this team to anyone wanting superior results.

Jerry A Foster

Dale Price, Windmill Animal Hospital

Our first great experience with Live-Tech was getting our “TalkSwitch Phone System” all set up and customized for our busy veterinary hospital…..100% Success. So now I decided to try Live-Tech IT Support Remote service with a PC problem on a brand new personal desktop. The new machine was “locking up” completely at random. Take it back?….well, we had already spent considerable time getting programs, data, email, etc. all transferred and set-up… Ludy Chacon was able to find the problem way down deep in the bowels of the operating system… 30 hours later PC is still running great and no longer freezing up! Thank You MY Live-Tech!!!!

Dale Price

Sherri Owen-Calaway, C.P.A.

Live-Tech Jeremy has been helping us for over a week. He is very caring, competent, and attentive. Without Live-Tech support, we would still be trying to work on two computers versus seven. The ATX software technical support has been horrible. I am so thankful for Jeremy. He has been a lifesaver to us. He is so patient and knows exactly what to do to fix the situation. Thank you, Live-Tech. You are a Godsend.

Sherri Owen-Calaway

Rasesh Vora – Vora Bookkeeping and Tax Services

Live-Tech support is amazing. They helped me through and made sure that our ATX 2012 software works. The tech expert Mr. Ludy Chacon seems to know what he is doing and did finally resolved the issue. I would like to recommend Live-Tech support to all ATX software users. Thanks

Rasesh Vora

Lisa Greely – A&G Tax Service

After much frustration working with ATX and their “software”, I decided to call and use your services. I currently pay another company for monitoring our day to day operations but even they did not properly map the software between my assistant and myself. I am now happy and really delighted to have worked with Live-Tech Jeremy, all the issues are resolved.

Lisa Greely
A&G Tax Service







Todd Lovelace – Lovelace Tax

Great Live-Tech service. Much appreciated as we have been stuck on problems for a few days.




Irving Katz

My computer was not opening and I could not use it. I was in deep trouble as clients w-2s needed to be processed. I did not expect Live Support on a Sunday. i thougtht i would get a call on Monday. However Live-Tech, Jeremy was most helpful. He cleared up all of the problems and eliminated many items that were in my computer. I recommend your company to all friends & associates. Thanks Live-Tech!

Irving Katz

Fernando Antunez – Charity Advisor

Very detailed and profound search of the problem, finding an original solution to fully resolve my Internet Explorer not loading problems. Thank you Live-Tech.

Juan Dieguez – JD Taxes inc

Live-Tech service is fantastic and I highly recommend them. Thank you.

Juan Dieguez
JD Taxes inc

Charla Howard – Abiqua Tax Solutions LLC

I had the opportunity to work with Frank after having had my whole network go down the day before and working with another tech who couldn’t fix it. I found Frank knew what things that weren’t working before I even needed to tell him. This amazed me and made me feel better about his ability to get me back up and running correctly. I plan on continue to use him as my tech. His services are priceless to me. A businesses worst fear is the computers going down and getting a tech who “thinks” he is a tech, its awesome to know I have found someone I can count on and trust. a HUGE thank you Live-Tech!

Charla Howard

Paulette Taylor – Taylor and Associates Tax Service

Frank saved me!!!! Another tech from another company totally messed my computer up. Frank not only got my computer working again but fixed the problem the other tech was supposed to fix. Very nice, quick to answer any questions, and Im very grateful. Will not EVER use another tech company!!!! Thank you Live-Tech.

Paulette Taylor
Taylor and Associates Tax Service

Latonya Hailes – Quality Taxes

Hi! My name is LaTonya Hailes at Quality Taxes. I just want to say that Mr. Ludy Chacon did an outstanding job with helping me setup and network my TaxWise program! He was very respectful, patient with me and a great help!! I applaud Mr. Chacon for a job well done!!

Latonya Hailes
Quality Taxes


Ludy Chacon was a great help to our company and he did a great job . He resolved our issues very quickly and skillfully. Thank you Live-Tech.


Kwajalein Waters Johnson – A New Bank Roll Mgmt & Tax Svcs Inc. – Albany, GA

I am very satisfied with the service that I received from Live-Tech in the help with my technical problems and will be recommending the service to everyone. I really appreciated the care that was given to me.

Kwajalein Waters Johnson
A New Bank Roll Mgmt & Tax Svcs Inc. - Albany, GA


Live-Tech is the best. They quickly connected Fixed my problem in minutes that I had been trying to fix for over a day. Love these people!



Ludy Chacon is a genius. I’m so grateful that he helped me out fixing up a mess that other technicians had done. He is a professional and knowledgeable person. I would highly recommend his company. God bless you all.





Troy Kimbler – W2 Intel

Thanks Live-Tech for the excellent service. We need more tech guys like you 🙂

Troy Kimbler
W2 Intel

Shelia Lassiter – QUALITY TAX CENTER

Live-Tech was extremely awesome and helpful in assisting me with my network computers. After 5 hours of calling numerous of other companies no one was able to figure out the issue. Once Live-Tech started the task on my computers; the job was done very well. I am extremely satisfied and thankful for Live-Tech.

Shelia Lassiterq

Glenn Pascascio – GEP Consulting

Live-Tech remote support service is the greatest….. the Techs are very patient and professional, I will definitely recommend to my friends and colleagues.

Glenn Pascascio
GEP Consulting

Ronald Miller – Amelia City, FL

Once again I contacted Live-Tech and they are always readily available to answer questions very very patiently and thoroughly, They worked with me through the night and first thing the next morning to repair all ongoing computer problems. I have and will continue to recommend Live-Tech to friends and family. Thanks Live-Tech

Ronald Miller
Amelia City, FL

Dan Buhre – Corona, CA

This is my first time using Live-Tech Support. They were very helpful in solving my printer problem. It is nice to have someone take the time to walk you through and remotely fix the problem. Especially when you have limited knowledge of computers. I highly recommend Live-Tech Support Services.

Dan Buhre
Corona, CA

Romel Mejia – Uno Insurance – Houston, TX

I am not one to leave testimonials, but in this case I had to make an exception. I was frustrated with my computer networking issues, I called Live-Tech and got the most unexpected, and generous help from Ludy Chacon! GREAT GUY to work with, he got my business up and running quickly. I rate his service 5 stars, NO LESS!!! Happy Customer. P.S. Thank you Live-Tech for making this a great start to the New Year!!

Romel Mejia
Uno Insurance - Houston, TX

Louisa Ramirez – Uno Insurance (3rd Location)

Live-Tech Support did a fantastic job cleaning our computers as well as adding them to the company network. They did multiple computers in a timely manner with no problems. We certainly recommend Live-Tech to fellow businesses. Thanks for the great job!

Louisa Ramirez
Uno Insurance (3rd Location)

Joe Majowski – Racine, WI

For years I have been using a brand name computer. For the last several years I have been disappointed in my computer company’s support and repair program. Recently, after spending many many hours trying to rectify a computer problem, I gave up on the company and contacted Live-Tech. After signing up for a year’s service, Live-Tech totally fixed my computer and it now running like a brand new computer.

These tech people are polite, patient, and they know what they are doing.

I now have peace of mind. Thank you Live-Tech.

Joe Majowski
Racine, WI

Steve Gartner, BattLife Inc. – Deerfield Beach, FL

We at BattLife have found ourselves with technical trouble numerous of times…Whether it’s one thing or another we can always count on expert guidance, quick solutions & awesome support from the guys at Live-Tech to bail us out. Thanks Live-Tech!

Steve Gartner

Tynan, Bravo November Investments Inc., Canada

Working with Live-Tech to install our purchase of Microsoft Office Professional 2010 was quick and easy. The company was nice to work with and seems to have many applicable and handy tools available with knowledge to support them.

Thanks for your expertise and I will certainly be back again next time I need IT help/software/or related.

Tynan, Bravo
November Investments Inc., Canada

Brian Aberle – Aberle Investment Mgmt. – Eagle CO

Live-Tech has assisted my business for the past year. I have been very, very happy with their ability to solve our computer woes. They are very polite (see: puts up with grumpy folks having computer woes), honest and knows well what they are doing. The remote assistance service is outstanding.

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity.

Brian Aberle
Aberle Investment Mgmt. - Eagle CO

Marc Zetrenne – ABRICO Financial Group, Inc.

Thanks Frank, for being a brilliant tech and so persevering in helping me install ATX 2012 Tax Software. It wasn’t easy but we got through it. Thanks Live-Tech, you guys know your stuff!

Marc Zetrenne

Smith Pompilus – Florida Tax Express

I’m extremely satisfied with the technical assistance I have received from Live-Tech. The professional tech quickly connected and got all my needed tax software networked and fully working. I can now focus on my business and leave the technical part to Live-Tech. What a Life Saver! Thank you very much.

Smith Pompilus
Florida Tax Express

Nilda Ruiz – Nilda Ruiz Tax Service – Sherman, Texas

I was delighted to have had the pleasure of getting the MOST fast, friendly and knowledgeable tech support EVER. Thank you Live-Tech! I will definitely recommend to all of my friends and associates!

Nilda Ruiz
Nilda Ruiz Tax Service – Sherman, Texas

Dom Concilio – Citywide Income Tax – Brooklyn, New York

I spent all morning with software support and they could not get my simple problem solved. Frank Z. here at Live-Tech got it RESOLVED and Working in 10 minutes. That’s the difference when you have someone that knows what he’s doing!!

Dom Concilio
Citywide Income Tax - Brooklyn, New York

Lamonda E. – Round Mountain, NV

I would recommend Live-Tech service to everyone that has a computer. They are so knowledgeable, and friendly. My computers run so well now. It was great to talk with the tech while he was working on the computers. I like the idea that I don’t have to unplug and take my computers to a repair shop. Thank you Live-Tech, for all the work you have done. My computers are in good hands now.

Lamonda E
Round Mountain, NV

Jim & Yvonne Hill – Ontario, Canada

Peace of mind is what we got by joining Live-Tech. We had used another support company and were concerned about our information. Live-Tech is professional and made it right. They only connect when I need help. Thank You Live-Tech.

Jim & Yvonne Hill
Ontario, Canada

Larry Rheinschmidt – Burlington,IOWA

Live-Tech Support is a huge help. Having this service is quick and helpful. I needed to get back up and running for a meeting, and the Tech was able to make it happen. I can now focus on real business matters and leave the technical problems for Live-Tech to resolve!

Larry Rheinschmidt

Steve Kowalski – Placement Strategies, California

It is hard to express how great the service is with Live-Tech. We have been working with them for over three years and they do a fantastic job. They keep all our systems running smooth from computers to our TalkSwitch Phone System. The knowledge they have is vast and incredible. Thanks Live-Tech for all your assistance!

Steve Kowalski

Anthony Satterly – Kentucky

I am very pleased with the work that was put in on fixing my computer. The techs were very knowledgeable, patience and courteous.They went to extensive measures to fix my computer. I would recommend Live-Tech to anyone with computer problems. I thank them for there time and hard work.

Anthony Satterly

Frank W. Daniel – Houston, Texas

Getting support service by Live-Tech has been a wonderful experience. First the Tech’s are always ready to greet me with a pleasant demeanor, as if they were right here with me. The knowledge of what the tech was doing and when to do the things that was necessary to repair such a screwed-up system as mine, was simply astonishing. I now feel as if I have a brand new computer! Thank you for all the help and know that Live-Tech is the best technical assistance company I have ever worked with.

Frank W. Daniel
Houston, Texas

Firas Baraki – Digitec Medical

My computer was operating very slow so I contacted our Live-Tech Helpdesk, the tech remote cleaned up & removed the programs I did not use and optimized my computer for best performance. As a result at this time my computer is much faster now. Thank you Live-Tech.

Firas Baraki

Dale Price, Windmill Animal Hospital

These guys are GREAT! Ludy and his crew have been priceless in helping me set-up my Talkswitch PBX at our new veterinary hospital. They have been patient with me, and are unbelievably knowledgable about the capabilities of the system. My phone system now performs flawlessly, and with features I had NO IDEA even existed ! I Highly recommend MyLive-Tech

Dale Price

Karen L Valentine – Office of Juaquin “Jake” Sanchez, Certified Public Accountant

I am giving a testimonial on the excellent service I receive from Live-Tech. The service was fantastic and the tech was absolutely amazing. My tech’s name was Frank and he was relentless in helping our organization find and correct our computers issues. He was extremely courteous and provided information accurately and in a language which a non tech person could understand. I will definitely recommend your organization to others in my industry for the impeccable work performed by your organization. Thank you so much, your organization has been a life saver for us.

Karen L Valentine

Stace Hilbrant, 401k Advisors – Chicago, IL

We’ve struggled for several years with operational issues with the TalkSwitch Phone System we have in our office. After signing up for 1 year Live-Tech TalkSwitch Silver Support Plan, It was our work with Ludy at Live-Tech that 100% changed the system’s functionality and ease of use. I can’t thank Live-Tech enough as now all is working!

Stace Hilbrant

Doreen Fischer, Summit Orthopedics and Sports Management – Summit, NJ

As a small medical practice we would be lost without the help of Live-Tech. They support our Phone System, Network and Computers for several years. Live-Tech has saved us many frustrating hours of trying to fix problems ourselves? We know we can always count on them. They are the best there is!

Doreen Fischer
Summit Orthopedics and Sports Management - Summit, NJ

Cristina Vargas, Miami, FL

I’m very grateful with the patience and knowledge of my chosen tech support company Live-Tech. Technician Frank has been very helpful, diligent and adorable as well!!!

You are such a professional and a gentleman! Thank you so much Live-Tech!

Cristina Vargas
Miami, FL

Shawn McKenzie, D.O.O BASCP LLC

I have used Live-Tech multiple times. They not only handle my TalkSwitch PBX but also helped me set up a DVR for my security system at the office. I can’t say enough about Ludy and his support team there at Live-Tech. Try their services you will not be disappointed.

Shawn McKenzie

Scott Briskey, Sustainable Atlanta – Atlanta, GA

Since switching over to Live-Tech hosted Microsoft Exchange in 2010, our email experience has been out of this world! The peace of mind that comes with the quality, reliability (24/7/365 maintenance & support) and security of the services Live-Tech provides is refreshing. Furthermore the service is extremely cost effective while being very eco-friendly. I fully recommend Live-Tech. Ludy and his team are the best.

Top Qualities: Expert, Good Value, On Time

Scott Briskey

Christine Shupe, Veterinary Hospital Mgr Assoc. – Gainesville, FL

Live-Tech has been servicing my computer, network, phone system and Outlook Microsoft Exchange for a year now. They are very responsive to my needs and always have a solution for me. As a small-staffed office, Live-Tech is critical to us.

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value.

Christine Shupe

Howard Applebaum, Corporate America Realty & Advisors – Rutherford, NJ

Live-Tech has been like my own “Genie In A Bottle”. All I have to do is contact them on their 800# or submit a ticket, explain my computer issues and sit back and watch Live-Tech perform their magic, remotely on my computer.

Being “on the go” a considerable time of the week, it is always good to know that if there is any issue on my laptop, I can always connect to my “Genie” by telephone or via an Internet support ticket there is “quality service support” on the way to resolve my problem. They are not at all a “luxury item”, but rather a business “necessity” for any small business or individual that needs IT support at very affordable rates!

Howard Applebaum

Sylvester ‘O’ Okere, CIPM, Watchman Protective Services

I’m a happy customer since early 2009. Live-Tech, is an excellent IT/Support provider with superlative service, from concept to final output.

Sylvester 'O' Okere

Thomas A Johnson, The Food System

Live-Tech is an unusual company — that’s my observation from experiences so far in setting my company up with Live-Tech Hosted Microsoft Exchange 2010. To begin, Ludy Chacon was generous with his time, lively energy, knowledgeable, and experienced. Subsequent handlings of odds and ends related to the full and seamless deployment of Exchange handled with speed and aplomb by Live-Tech. The responsiveness to my exact needs and questions made it clear that they are NOT reading from a “tech support handbook.” So far, so excellent! I look forward to increased mastery of computers as they relate to my company. That mastery will doubtless be achieved through increased involvement with Ludy, Frank, and others on the staff at Live-Tech.

Thomas A Johnson

Wasim Khaled – BINARIAN STUDIOS LLC, Rochester NY

I would like to thank Ludy at Live-Tech for offering a service that has been long overdue. TalkSwitch is one of the most affordable solutions for small and medium business for a full PBX solution. I Purchased the Live-tech Remote Installation for TalkSwitch for a small one time FLAT Fee, Live-Tech used a real time live meeting program and was able to take control of my computer and walk my company through the entire process of setting up my TalkSwitch Unit. They even setup an automated attendant with local and remote extensions and was also able to answer all my configuration questions and get me up and running in a few hours. When you need your appendix removed…you go to a doctor…you don’t go to a med school, as a business owner you DON”T want to spend a month learning the Ins and Outs of PBX… so give it over to Live-Tech the TalkSwitch Surgeons!

Wasim Khaled

Gail G. – Tamarac FL

I cannot express enough how grateful and happy I am with Live-Tech and their staff. They have saved myself and company from tons of headaches and having to waste lots of money again and again. I would recommend them in a heartbeat. They truly set the standard well past any company even non computer companies that I have ever seen in my life. I don’t feel like a customer or a client but a loved family member. I have never in my life seen respect, love, devotion from any company ever before.

Gail G
Tamarac FL

Donald G. Mitchell – Delray Beach, FL

I can’t thank Live-Tech enough for all the help they have provided. Technology has advanced greatly the last four years. My new computer has an AMD curve for me. I ran into several problems in trying to get my backup drive operating correctly and several software issues relating to the new Windows 7 operating system. Live-Tech responded very promptly and immediately solved all of my problems. I probably would still be trying to solve these issues today. Thanks Live-Tech!

Donald G. Mitchell
Delray Beach, FL

Lorin – Antiques & Country Pine – Deerfield, FL

Our story started out with QuickBooks issues and we ended up being led to Ludy Chacon at Live-Tech. As we discussed our situation we decided to let them take over all our IT needs. I too was very skeptical of a remote service but the work they have done for us from that moment on has been flawless. And the customer service the best I have ever experienced. They completely networked our system, our system was very old and they worked within our budget and our scope. They even make on site visits if need be.

I was so impressed with them that I then went on to get a residential support package for my 2 home computers. I no longer have to spend endless hours on hold with Dell only to be disconnected or told I need to transfer you and then in the end pay more money for no answers.

I now call Ludy my “Techie Guardian Angel”. Thank you Live-Tech for making my life easier.


Ann Karp – Ladson SC

Recently I was assigned to fix the phone problems at our store. I was at a loss as to where to turn. I tried every user guide and tech support that I could get my hands on. Finally I was referred to Live-Tech. Having never used a remote access help line before, I was somewhat skeptical about how it would work. After talking to Live-Tech I was confident it would work. They spent several hours on the phone and on the computer. After fixing a multitude of problems, Live-Tech walked me through each phone and set it up they way it was suppose to be set up. I am truly grateful for all the help and support I received.

The owners were ecstatic at the low price and continued support we will still receive if we ever need it in the future. Thank you Live-Tech!

Ann Karp

Persheilla C. – Miami F

After much worrying about getting a new pc and getting all setup, a friend of mine informed me that my mind would be at ease if I call Live-Tech. I am at this time beyond happy. The staff was so friendly and really took the time to explain and go over everything in an easy to understand way. So now I tell EVERYONE about Live-Tech and how awesome they are. 🙂 Thanks guys Much Love

Persheilla C.
Miami FL

Steve Watson – Salon Sirah, Lodi CA

Working with Ludy has been an absolute pleasure. He was arguably one of the best support guys I have spoken to in a long, long time. I wish everyone was as responsive and pleasant to speak with as Ludy is. When connected with Live-Tech to set up our TalkSwitch Configuration in an online session with Ludy, all of our questions and concerns were considered a priority and were addressed completely to our satisfaction. I feel like I am working with a good friend. Thank you Live-Tech!

Steve Watson
Salon Sirah, Lodi CA

Khalid Hamid – Klassic Mortgage

Going to Live-Tech for TalkSwitch equipment & Services has been one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business! With Live-Tech’s Professional Consultation, we were able to purchase the right phones for my company’s needs, at the best price. We also received all the services needed and they went the extra mile making sure that everything was set up properly in our office. The quality of their products is top-notch, and they’re always a phone call away as long as I own a business, and when my business expands and my need grow, Live-Tech will be the first company I call. Thanks Live-Tech!

Khalid Hamid
Klassic Mortgage, FL

Kristina – Chicago, IL

I just received a virus a few days ago on my computer and nothing was working. Live-Tech helped me solve all my problems by logging onto my computer. The tech was very knowledgeable and I would definitely call Live-Tech for any future computer support. I have tried another live computer help company but Live-Tech helped me more then that other company did, even when my computer was being stubborn on letting them log in to my computer, they got It. I would use Live-Tech again for sure! Thanks for fixing my computer and having it run so smoothly again.

Chicago, IL

Karen R. Borchardt – North Charleston

I had the pure pleasure of working with Live-Tech Frank Zabroski on Saturday, March 31st 2012. I got so much more than expected that I purchased several plans from him due to the excellence of service. If Mr. Zabroski is an example of the professionalism and knowledge base of Live-Tech, all I can say is Wow!

Karen R. Borchardt

Leonard Wolff – Hartsdale, NY

I’m pleased to add my Live-Tech testimonial to the already glowing reports for this service. This is my second year with Live-Tech and I specifically renewed due to the quality service from my tech buddy Frank Z. The great thing about the Residential Support service is not only the extensive knowledge base and support that they provide, but that they can do it when I am anywhere in the world remotely. I am very comfortable with my technology knowing that I have Live-Tech Support with every step of the way.

Leonard Wolff
Hartsdale, NY

Roxana Delbarco, Florida Premier Cardiology

My initial contact with Ludy Chacon took me by complete surprise. I have never done business with someone who conducted themselves in such a professionally candid and unobtrusive manner. Ludy was able to suggest new systems and hardware necessary to our Medical Practice. I am far from being computer literate and he was able to walk me through step-by-step in setting up our office networks. Despite not having any idea what I was getting into, Ludy had me feeling like a hero at the end of it all!

All that I can tell you is that we eventually opened up two satellite offices and thanks to Live-Tech, all networks and operations were installed and running smoothly for the first day of patients. Live-Tech responds quickly and efficiently to even the smallest problems that arise. Prior to Live-Tech our experience with competitors was severely lacking but now all of our business needs are met with the highest standards of professionalism! Ludy Chacon & Live-Tech have been invaluable to our practice and we couldn’t imagine life without them!

Roxana Delbarco

Barb Hoak – Biscotti Brothers Bakery Greensburg

One of our computers recently crashed and the hard drive was fried. The associate lost all of her files and programs. With the help of Live-Tech, we had her up and running back to full speed within two days! They did an amazing job for us. This had happened to a different computer before we had Live-Tech and it took weeks for us to get everything back up and running and was an excruciating process.

Thanks Live-Tech for great service and support!

Barb Hoak
Biscotti Brothers Bakery Greensburg - PA

Carla Hyman – Sustainable Atlanta

We were in the midst of co-planning a HUGE event in partnership with local and federal government entities, and our main responsbility was that of designing, implementing and managing the functions of the event website. Everything had been working well, but then just days before the event the registration and other vital functions of the site stopped working. How embarrassing and what a disaster! The webpage desgner was unavailable as this was happening, but LUDY CHACON at LiveTech worked to figure out the bugs on the site pages and had us up and running in no time! He was a real life-saver and certainly went over and beyond to help us out of a desperate situation. The actual event was yesterday and our partner organizations mentioned the wonderful job done on the website. Thanks, Ludy. Thanks, LiveTech!

Carla Hyman
Sustainable Atlanta - GA

Tom O’Grady – Philadelphia

My computer got infected with the Live Security Platinum Virus. I tried all the fixes online for removing the virus, but continually encountered more issues due to this virus and inability to download proper removal tools. I called Live-Tech on a Sunday and was immediately helped. The tech instantly connected, removed all of the virus and got my computer back to its normal state. Live-Tech also provided me with some new software for taking care of the computer and optimizing it. It has never run this efficient. I would highly recommend their services. Thanks

Tom O'Grady
Philadelphia, PA

Lori Lang – Accurate Bookkeeping

I cannot thank Live-Tech enough for all the time, aggravation and frustration they have saved me in the past year and a half. From cleaning up viruses and enabling my computer to run more efficiently, to adding new hardware (after about 30 mins of trying to hook up my second monitor I called them and it was taken care of in five minutes!), When I need answers to my computer problems, there is no reason for me to spend valuable time searching and self-teaching. Live-Tech has all the answers. Now, after working on my very old computer once again and getting it up and running, I have ordered a desktop from Live-Tech and Frank is customizing it for me! When it arrives all the programs, bells and whistles will be on it and all I will need to do is turn it on and start working!! Frank is professional, kind, courteous and patient and I am so thankful that he, Ludy and everyone at Live-Tech are always there for me when I need them – 24/7/365. Thank you Live-Tech!!!

Lori Lang
Accurate Bookkeeping
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