Secure Passwords Effortlessly: Discover LastPass & Live-Tech!

Elevating Your Digital Security with LastPass and Live-Tech: A Partnership for the Future In an era where our digital footprints are larger and more complex than ever before, the security of our online presence is a critical concern. The landscape of cyber threats continues to evolve, making robust password management not just a best practice […]

Mysterious ‘Metador’ Targets YOUR Internet Provider

Mysterious ‘Metador’ Targets ISPs A previously unknown threat actor named ‘Metador’ has been breaching telecommunication companies, internet services providers (ISPs), and universities across multiple countries in the Middle East and Africa for about two years. Metador is primarily focused on the development of cross-platform malware for espionage purposes. The group uses two Windows-based malware named […]

Acronis – Proactive protection for your business

Why managed services? Managing and keeping internal IT operations running smoothly can be time consuming and complicated. With internal IT operations stretched thin, vulnerabilities often go undetected, patches are missed, and your business-critical data could be at risk. By using Live-Tech – 889,703 as your trusted IT service provider, we will focus on proactively protecting your business […]

Cyberthreat update from Acronis CPOCs

Here at Acronis, we’re always monitoring for dangers to your data, deploying updates to handle newly-discovered vulnerabilities, and issuing alerts and recommendations to help you stay protected. Our global network of Acronis Cyber Protection Operations Centers (CPOCs) continues to work around the clock to proactively detect and defend against the latest cyber threats. Part of […]