All the time we see folks enrolled to business services but then accidently use that same email address to create personal accounts and not even realize. This can lead to numerous points of confusion, headaches, and technical complications. Live-Tech is here to help.

We have created the following how-to to help folks out. Even if your not a Live-Tech customer you will surely benefit from this if you face similar troubles.

So first what are some signs your having trouble in the first place?

  • Rouge sync issues
  • Can and then cant properly sign into various online sites and software’s on the computer using the same info
  • In some cases activation will work but then report you lack licensing you know you have

Now how do I get rid of the unwanted accounts? What is the best route to take?

  1. Open Google Chrome and hit on the 3 little dots below the close X. Choose Incognito mode. Alternately you can use a web browser that you do not normally sign into 365 with.
  2. Using your business email attempt to sign in but be careful to choose this one time personal account. Things will proceed or fail here. If they fail then good news you do not have a personal account but if you can login then then you need to proceed with the proceeding steps.
  3. Now right click ON HERE and choose copy link.
  4. Go to the place you signed in the personal account and on the url bar at top paste in the url you copied in step 3.
    You will see something like this:
  5. Agree to the various warning and legal items.
  6. Choose Mark Account For Closure
  7. Now after getting confirmation of when account will close please close out the current browser your using and go open the one you normally use.
  8. Sign out of any accounts your actively using
  9. Sign in fresh with the account you previously had trouble with and assure to choose the Work and School (not personal). You may have to do a password reset and in some cases were company password reset policy blocks this please contact us directly to force password reset for your account (this part of the step ONLY applies if we manage your services for you and you have a known relationship with other otherwise please contact your admins)
  10. At this point if you still face some various troubles on the browser or the apps your using please clear all possible caches and delete the accounts/profiles as needed. Upon readding/reaccessing things should proceed working correctly. Despite fixing the main issue by step 6 some old details of the mistakes may still be getting held on to, so added aggressive actions like these could be required.
  11. Worst case scenario Contact Live-Tech today and we will help get this matter sorted for you.


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