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INTRODUCING MAILWASHER: The leader in spam filter software, and the easiest way to check and manage your e-mails before you download them to your computer.

Over 8 million people use MailWasher as their spam filter!

MailWasher is free to use and won’t ever expire. It works with Outlook, Outlook Express, Incredimail, Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, GMail, Hotmail, Yahoo, EM Client and every other email program.

Use this powerful spam blocker software to effectively stop email spam. Discover the safe way to stop unwanted e-mails before they get to your computer. No gimmicks here, it is so easy to set up and use that you’ll be managing your email like a pro in seconds. It can even be used as an effective privacy tool since spammers can’t tell if you’ve read your email in MailWasher.

I think you will find this to be the easiest, most effective way to manage your incoming e-mails and stop spam. You will be amazed at how quickly you will like using MailWasher.

Best regards
Nick Bolton – and Firetrust Email Security.

“The new version is phenomenal. I don’ t know what you could do to make it more effective or easier to use.
I am amazed at the ease with which the Mailwasher Pro 2012 software installs and is almost
automatically configured. Please pass on my appreciate to the appropriate members of your team.
I am very pleased with the software as well as your customer service. ”

PHIL JOHNSTON, Satisfied MailWasher Customer

“ I’m a software professional specializing in, among other things, architecture, UI and design, and I must say I’m extremely impressed. It’s very
rare to come across software that justifies all the superlatives on it’s company’s home page, but I must say that MailWasher Pro does so. It’s a
pleasure to use, simple, intuitive, elegant, and effective. Whoever is responsible should be congratulated and receive worldclass recognition
for building a first class product that has a good chance, in my opinion of becoming the defacto world standard for anti-spam client software. ”


Using MailWasher is easy!

Check your email with MailWasher first. You’ll be safer with the knowledge of knowing what email is waiting for you on the server, allowing you to quickly inspect and read your email and remove any unwanted messages quickly and easily.

“Just a quick ‘Check Mail’ and I can see all my messages. I then mark for delete any messages I don’t want. Finally, ‘Wash Mail’ removes them, leaving only my good messages.”


If you upgrade to MailWasher Pro:

• Use unlimited email addresses
• Get access/search the Recycle Bin
• The Preview Pane is fully available
• Access to Technical Support
• Sync to MailWasher Mobile

NOTE: MailWasher Free is fully featured as the Pro version for 10 days, thereafter you can upgrade to MailWasher Pro inside of MailWasher Free, or continue to use the Free version.

There is no spy-ware contained in this program, we do not monitor your actions or email. When you register this program, we will not give your email address or personal details to anyone.








Windows 7, 8 and 10, Vista and XP

April 2020

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