I cannot thank Live-Tech enough for all the time, aggravation and frustration they have saved me in the past year and a half. From cleaning up viruses and enabling my computer to run more efficiently, to adding new hardware (after about 30 mins of trying to hook up my second monitor I called them and it was taken care of in five minutes!), When I need answers to my computer problems, there is no reason for me to spend valuable time searching and self-teaching. Live-Tech has all the answers. Now, after working on my very old computer once again and getting it up and running, I have ordered a desktop from Live-Tech and Frank is customizing it for me! When it arrives all the programs, bells and whistles will be on it and all I will need to do is turn it on and start working!! Frank is professional, kind, courteous and patient and I am so thankful that he, Ludy and everyone at Live-Tech are always there for me when I need them – 24/7/365. Thank you Live-Tech!!!