Our story started out with QuickBooks issues and we ended up being led to Ludy Chacon at Live-Tech. As we discussed our situation we decided to let them take over all our IT needs. I too was very skeptical of a remote service but the work they have done for us from that moment on has been flawless. And the customer service the best I have ever experienced. They completely networked our system, our system was very old and they worked within our budget and our scope. They even make on site visits if need be.

I was so impressed with them that I then went on to get a residential support package for my 2 home computers. I no longer have to spend endless hours on hold with Dell only to be disconnected or told I need to transfer you and then in the end pay more money for no answers.

I now call Ludy my “Techie Guardian Angel”. Thank you Live-Tech for making my life easier.