I would like to thank Ludy at Live-Tech for offering a service that has been long overdue. TalkSwitch is one of the most affordable solutions for small and medium business for a full PBX solution. I Purchased the Live-tech Remote Installation for TalkSwitch for a small one time FLAT Fee, Live-Tech used a real time live meeting program and was able to take control of my computer and walk my company through the entire process of setting up my TalkSwitch Unit. They even setup an automated attendant with local and remote extensions and was also able to answer all my configuration questions and get me up and running in a few hours. When you need your appendix removed…you go to a doctor…you don’t go to a med school, as a business owner you DON”T want to spend a month learning the Ins and Outs of PBX… so give it over to Live-Tech the TalkSwitch Surgeons!